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Discover stories about successful habitat restoration projects using Habitec’s innovative ecological solutions.

Habitat Enhancement Ross Road Park

Habitec undertook this project for Brisbane City Council. The work carried out had two main elements, including Camphor Laurel treatment and habitat creation, and enhancement of the waterbody habitat.

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Spotted Quoll — Mt Barney

Habitec, in partnership with Seqwater and Bulimba Creek Catchment, built and installed Quoll dens with reclaimed hollow logs and locally sourced rock.

The property had devastating fires pass through in 2019 during the black Summer fires. The fires destroyed almost all the ground based habitat that had previously been identified as a Spotted Quoll area.

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Endangered Greater Glider Habitat Creation

Habitec, in collaboration with Goondicum Pastoral Co and Burnett Catchment Care Association, completed a project to encourage the roosting and breeding of the Greater glider population on grazing production properties and a mining rehabilitation site within the Upper Burnett catchment.

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City of Gold Coast Carved Hollow Program

Since 2015 Habitec, in partnership with the City of Gold Coast, have created hundreds of carved hollows across the Gold Coast. This is one of the largest carved hollow programs undertaken in Australia and one that Habitec are extremely proud to continue to be a part of.

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Repurposing an Invasive Tree Species using habitat creation – as shown on Gardening Australia

In 2017, Habitec undertook a trial program in collaboration with Gold Coast Botanical Gardens and Habitat Brisbane. The program aimed to manage mature Camphor Laurel (cinnamomum camphora) trees by reducing them to habitat stags and creating hollows within them. Camphor Laurel are an invasive tree species that are known to inhibit native vegetation.

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Carindale Roadtek Fauna Underpass

Habitec has been involved with the Creek Road widening project in Carindale since its early stages, where works began with Roadtek to clear vegetation. Habitec worked closely to ensure all suitable trees were recycled for fauna movement solutions.

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