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At Habitec, we are committed to preserving our natural environment.

We provide a wide range of services related to habitat creation and environmental conservation, including conducting thorough habitat assessments, carrying out regeneration and restoration projects, carving hollows into suitable trees, and constructing and installing natural log and timber nest boxes.

Fauna Movement Solutions

Habitec design, build and install fauna movement structures to help close the gaps and reduce the impacts urban infrastructure has on wildlife.

Carved Hollow Creation

Carved hollow creation is Habitec’s foundation. Our skilled team of passionate conservation arborists have pioneered the practice of carved hollow creation. We are committed to its ongoing advances within the industry.

Nest Boxes

Custom carved hollow nest boxes made from locally sourced and salvaged hardwood tree limbs, that would otherwise be destined for the woodchipper or firewood.


Bushland & Waterway Restoration

From regenerative works to large-scale revegetation projects, our Restoration teams are experts in delivering flora restoration solutions from our waterways to the rainforest.

Veteran & Habitat Tree Management

Conserving veteran and habitat trees is of utmost importance. For years, Habitec has been collaborating with Local Governments to preserve these trees through various approaches and techniques. Additionally, Habitec has been working to map these trees in GIS for future reference and data collection. This effort ensures that these trees are not only protected but also serve as a valuable resource for research and conservation.

Ground Habitat

Creation of ground-based habitat can include a range of approaches including the implementation of habitat structure such as carved hollows, timber stacks, vegetation planting. Supporting features including companion planting, fauna food and fodder species planting, mulching and site monitoring. By examining an individual site’s conditions and requirements, we will take a holistic approach to ensure a healthy ground habitat support system is implemented.

Timber Recycling

Almost every part of a tree can be recycled and reused in various ways, rather than just being turned into mulch. Habitec has developed an array of methods and techniques that help maximize timber recycling. This includes creating carved log nest boxes, installing ground habitat for restoration projects, and developing fauna movement solutions.

Bee Habitats & Native Bee Rescue and Relocation

Native Bees are often the casualty of vegetation clearing, big and small, and easily overlooked. Habitec has a passionate team with all the essential skills and knowledge to care for, rehabilitate and relocate native bees.

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