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Project Case Study

Repurposing an Invasive Tree Species using habitat creation – as shown on Gardening Australia

In 2017, Habitec undertook a trial program in collaboration with Gold Coast Botanical Gardens and Habitat Brisbane. The program aimed to manage mature Camphor Laurel (cinnamomum camphora) trees by reducing them to habitat stags and creating hollows within them. Camphor Laurel are an invasive tree species that are known to inhibit native vegetation.

See more as featured on ABC Gardening Australia:

One of the areas of focus was Carindale Queensland, nestled in the Turrbal and Yuggera Country, an area that is an important wildlife corridor.

The long term objectives were to be able to determine the longevity of the installed carved hollows, the stability of the reduced habitat stags, and whether the camphor oils in the timber would deter arboreal fauna from using the hollows.

Habitec successfully completed over 20 camphor habitat tree stags and installed numerous hollows. The hollows that formed part of the trial continue to provide valuable habitat space.

Re-inspections of the site by Habitec have observed Sugar and Squirrel gliders, Rainbow and Scaly-breasted lorikeets, and Brushtail possums all successfully using the hollows.