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We at Habitec envisage an urban environment richly diverse in native animal species, a world in which our future generations can live amongst the once thriving Australian Native fauna we know and love.

Habitec values the importance of progress without harming the environment and wildlife. We believe that with proper planning and design, man-made infrastructure and expansion can provide opportunities to improve the environment, rather than damaging it.

Throughout history, humans have achieved incredible advancements in technology and physical capabilities to expand and develop the world around us. As we continue to expand, it is crucial that we use our abilities to promote environmental advancements as well.

At Habitec, we are constantly exploring new ways to improve wildlife habitat, increase the safety of movement for animals, and bring wildlife closer to our surroundings. Our focus is on developing new products and systems that can be built into or around man-made infrastructure and natural environments, using native vegetation and materials to solve environmental problems.

Our team members come from diverse backgrounds in the environmental and construction sectors, and we are passionate about finding practical solutions to environmental challenges. We strive to use the most sustainable building methods and materials to ensure that we are the hands-on practical side of conservation and habitat creation.

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The Habitec team

Steve Collom

Steve Collom

A true conservation Arborist, Steve is known in the industry for his ethical approach to all forms of tree work and for being the leader of Arboreal habitat creation in Australia.

Steve’s Qualifications include a Diploma of Arboriculture, Certificate 4 in Landscaping, and Certificate 4 Training and Assessment.

Creative and artistic, Steve loves to bring these passions into his work and has also created artwork shown at the SWELL Festival.

Steve loves spending time with his family, mountain bike riding and exploring, repurposing timber, and enjoys sharing his knowledge and working closely with the community.

Jason Truscott

Jason Truscott

Jason has experienced many parts of the Horticulture industry.

Jason’s passion for conservation and all things green has developed over the years. Originally working with a Plant Biotechnology company researching and finding natural, plant based solutions for pollution, contamination and environmental issues such as climate change, to more recently working on large restoration projects throughout SE Queensland.

Jason strongly recognises the importance of the conservation of natural areas, and the importance to educate and implement green options/alternatives in an ever developing urbanised world.

Qualifications include a Diploma Forest and Forest Products, Diploma of Horticulture, and Certificate 4 in Landscaping.

Robbie Bebek

Robbie Bebek

Robbie is an experienced Carpenter, Builder and Leader.

Robbie is a practical thinker and problem solver and has a passion for creating things by hand. He is known within the Habitec team for his attention to detail, strong leadership skills and sense of humour.

Following years in the building industry and witnessing the impact development has had on the environment first hand, Robbie has cultivated a passion for thinking outside the box and finding solutions that work in harmony with nature.

Robbie’s specialities include nature play, fauna movement and nest boxes. He is a fully qualified Carpenter and holds a Diploma in Building and Construction.

Robbie enjoys working on his property at Tallebudgera Valley, creating zip lines and tree houses for the kids.

Environmental Sustainability

At our core, creativity is inherent in everything we do. Our focus on resource recovery is a testament to our commitment to preserving the planet’s limited resources for current and future generations.
We strive to provide innovative solutions for environmental challenges and collaborate with a range of stakeholders together to enhance environmental outcomes.